75 and 95 Ball Bingo

Every part of the world has a favorite form of bingo, but there are two primary types that are played in most countries. Of these, 75 ball bingo is the favored form in the North American countries of Canada and the United States. For whatever reason, this has become the most favored form in these nations and really, it boils down to tradition and local preference. This is the form of bingo that is actually less common online since the majority of the bingo sites in the world are now operated out of the United Kingdom, but players who patronize the land based bingo halls and casinos of the US and Canada will be infinitely more familiar with this style of game which is played on a 5 x 5 card. The numbers are marked off as they are called, just as they are in 90 ball bingo, but the sessions are generally a little bit shorter because the game itself is less complex than its 90 ball cousin. Due to the level of popularity of this form of bingo, most of the US players have to learn 90 ball bingo if they want to play online, unless they choose to stick with their native form which is still offered in some casinos online and of course in the online bingo sites. A free space is normally provided on the card in this form of bingo and it is not uncommon to see speed bingo games played in this format today since US and Canadian players enjoy the faster paced games.

This is the form of bingo that is most well known around the world because it is the form that is preferred by a UK audience and the vast majority of online bingo sites are run out of the UK.

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